Your Rx for life: A 7 minute daily podcast chock full of usable and actionable health information. Like what you hear? Keep it. Not so much? Let it go.


All the evidence-based innovation you can handle; repeat, evidence-based.


The good, the bad, and the healthy.


Being here now is doable.  Om = Outstanding medicine.


Life is happening.  Are you happening?


Knowing what to do to be healthy is a lot different from actually doing it.


Get on the court, play the game, and repeat.

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Steven speaks about the health benefits of Turmeric.

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TakeAsDirected's mission is simple: Whatever it takes to be a tiny bit healthier and happier - today.

'Healthier' has become way too complicated. We try to make it simpler. Then we try harder to make it even more simple.

Take one episode daily on an empty stomach (in case of belly laughs).

It's the only prescription you'll ever need (for a podcast).

Listen intently and repeat as often as necessary.

Steven Eisenberg, a.k.a. Dr. Happy N. Healthy

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Host Steven Eisenberg... triple board-certified (check).

...researches the interwebs with his patients.

...knows the importance of eye contact.

...believes this will totally keep him away.

...studies human performance (and even stumbles through P90X3). songs with his amazing patients. an Exponential Medicine graduate.

Side effects may include occasional turning upwards of mouth corners.

Seven minutes.  One take.  This won’t hurt a bit.



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